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Happy mom = a better world for all.

what do you get when you combined a box of pancake mix, a 2 lb box of strawberries and whipped cream? A happy momma!

the night before chop up your straw berries and mix them with a 1/2 cup of sugar.  cover and pu tin the fridge  till

Make your batter as per the box instructions for waffles.

I happen to have a hand me down  cheap belgian waffle iron soo I am lucky.

Spray your iron with no stick spray. I dont care if it says it is non stick they will stick if you dont spray it.  Ok fine dont spray it see what happens. I don’t care.  they are your waffles. I pour about a cup of batter in to my iron, close it and let it go for  FULL 5 min. NO PEEKING! if your waffle iron is stil letting steam out after 5 min give it another min or 2 to  let the steam calm down. Not to much though or you will have burnt waffles. Blah

Ok waffles are done take them out of the iron put them on a plate and top with 2 scoops or strawberries and some whipped cream.  the only thing that could make this better would be some bacon. YUM!

Now i know you are saying ” wth sd2cb? i know how to make waffles! what do you think i am an idiot?” No I don’t. I think that some people  *cough* my husband *cough* are very uhm… brainy… and need very detailed instructions on doing simple things… even though i doubt any dudes read this blog maybe a few women need that type of instruction. either way there it is… now go to goodwill or salvation army and find your self a poor lonely unwanted waffle iron… i think that’s where my mom got the one she gave me. stop looking at the waffle picture and go!!!!


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Whoops ran out of syrup!

So  we ran out of regular maple syrup and we cant get some more till payday.  That means no pancakes right? WRONGO! I made some homemade strawberry syrup with some frozen berries I have stuffed in the back of the freezer. It is Yummy. Maybe i will make chocolate chip pancakes for the syrup to go on. Or banana pancakes. MMMM.

Berry syrup

2 cups fresh or frozen berries. If you are gonna use strawberries and they are big slice em before measuring them.

1/2 cup of water

2 cups of sugar ( yes 2 don’t gawk at me just do it think of all the other crap you eat everyday. )

1-2 tbs of lemon juice.

Put it all in a saucepan.  bring to a boil then turn the heat down and simmer them  for a full 5 min.  Stir occasionally.  Let it cool and put it in glass containers of some kind then to the fridge. I had 2 old syrup jars readily available. Or put it on your pancakes or ice cream yum. Oh yeah I blended mine in the blender so I wouldnt have chunks. I wanted the smooth consistency