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rice rice baby…

So after i failed with my fried rice the other night i reached out for help. Luckily i went to school with a  lot of  Asians. My Good friend Kim came to my rescue.


Kim : so what question did u have for me

Me: i was trying to remember… did you say you make fried rice for your husband and he likes it?

Kim: yeah

Kim : he likes white jasmine rice too but he has to eat it with a side dish like chicken and brocolli

Me: so do you have a fried rice recipe? i tried to make it tonight and failed baaaaaad

Kim : yeah i have a fried rice recipe

Kim: what did u put in it?

Me: rice lol

Me: egg, carrots and peas and soy sauce

Me : that was it

Kim: sounds like all the ingredients are good

Me: yeah i think my technique is nad

Me: bad

Kim: it’s the order that you cook it in

Me: see

Kim: i’m not a big fan of soggy fried rice or even dried fried rice so i make it my way

Kim: first you gotta make the eggs like you’re making scrambled eggs

Kim: i put green onions and seasonings in my scrambled eggs

Kim: then i cook the eggs just enough so it’s not watery. i put in next the chinese sausage if you have any then i throw in the peas and carrots frozen or thawed

Me: can i sub sausage for shrimp? I have some frozen ones already cooked

Kim: yeah if you have raw shrimp, cook it first with garlic then push the ingredients to the side or take it out if you don’t have a big wok then put enough oil to brown some minced garlic

Me: i dont have a wok i have to use a frying pan

Kim : ok then take the eggs, peas and carrots, and shrimp out and set aside

Me: ok

Kim : so once you sautee the garlic where’s it just turns brown

Kim : throw in the cooked rice you use fresh cooked rice, make sure you didn’t cook the rice too soft and don’t stir the rice too much or you’ll get soggy rice

Kim : just kind of fold it to slightly coat it with the garlic and oil

Kim: if you use cold rice or day old rice, you’ll have to break the rice up some more fried rice is best made with cold rice or day old rice cause you don’t have to be so gentle with it

Me: ok

Me: I am not gentle

Kim : lol

Kim : once you stir the rice enough where you see it separated and not in chunks anymore you can throw in your other ingredients

Kim : and mix it again. Season it with some pepper and then start putting in the soy sauce

Kim : oh you can use the soy sauce to help break up the rice too if you have day old rice or if the fresh cooked rice is having a hard time separating

Kim : there’s no set amount on soy sauce, just put in a little at a time till it suits your taste

Me: I am gettign hungry again

Me: lol

Kim : the key with fried rice is being gentle and not pushing the ingredients together

Kim : mix gently

Me: i did that today i was rushing

Kim : if you follow my recipe it shouldn’t take you longer than 20 minutes to make it

Kim : i don’t put a lot of seasoning in my fried rice because i don’t like it overseasoned since my Monte always ends up putting more soy sauce or sriracha on his fried rice anyways

Kim : i’m gonna make fried rice tomorrow for the kids cause i have left over rice


Me: i am so hunrgy now

Kim : if you have hard time separating the rice, you can always just put in a cup or two of rice at a time like i did until i got myself a big wok

Kim : talking about food making me hungry too


After all that we talked about snuggies and i wont embarrass Kim by letting the world know what she said… LOL She did after all help me out with the rice.

I love you Kim Thanks for the help.


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