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Spring sweetness ♥

I love spring. The temps are just right. Its rains a bit but the sun shines too.  Also there is all kinds of yummy things in my produce dept at my fav local store.   But yesterday I felt like something sweet.  So lemon sour cream pound cake it was. I had everything I needed( which is something i am super stoked about cause that never ever happens). Here is what you will need.

3 cups AP flour

2 sticks or 1 cup of butter softened

3 cups of sugar

1/2 tsp  baking soda

1/4 tsp baking powder

6 eggs

1 cup of sour cream

the zest of 2 lemons

1 tsp of vanilla


2 cups powdered sugar

3 tbsp of lemon juice

Preheat your oven to 325 NOT 350… 325

So 1st cream together the sugar and butter till they are friends…  then add the sour cream to the party. Get em going till they are all kinds of nice and cozy.  Add your baking soda and powder to your flour. Then take turns  adding the flour mix and the eggs to the butter sugar cream mix.   at the very end add your lemon zest and vanilla mix till those are spread evenly thru the batter.  pour into a greased bundt or tube pan.  watch it though I have a 10 inch one and it was almost to full to allow for proper expansion. so don’t over fill it. if you have more batter… make pound cup cakes…. oooh that’s a good one Abi.  any ways place that sucka in the oven  for bout an hour. At this point you want to test it.  tooth pick should come out clean. Mine took about an hour and 15 min but my oven is CRAP!

   Take it out and let it chill while you hunt down a wire rack that is not currently employed.  Turn it out on to the wire rack and let it cool BEFORE you put the glaze on. BEFORE!!!! not while it is warm I know you will be tempted but don’t!

so the glaze mix  the 2 cups of powdered sugar and lemon juice together…  and pour over the cake evenly. This glaze is tart. if yo would like it less tart replace one TBS of juice with milk.

Viola! delicious cake. this will be awesome when topped with berries or just as is. Nom nom  nom.


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Mangoluscious Tartalicious

I had  Mango tart in San Diego at a little place in Solana beach call Pasta Pronto.  I think I was 16 maybe… since then there has been a whole in my life that no other dessert could fill.  I dare not try any ones else’s because Paula the owner made all her desserts by hand and I didn’t want to jeopardize the memory ya know?  Now that I have moved out of San Diego I know I wont ever taste it again.  So I decided to try my hand.  It was a pain at times. I didn’t have the right pan but I improvised.


You will need 2 cups of peeled and sliced mangos for this.


You will need 1 recipe for (rich) pastry dough. If you have one you like use that. but here is mine.

1 1/4 cups of flour ( I wouldn’t use whole wheat)

1/4 cup of sugar

2 beaten egg yolks

1 tbs of ice water

stir the flour and sugar together. Use a pastry cutter ( I used my food processor) and cut in the cold butter till it make small peas sized balls. In another bowl mix the yolks with the ice water. gradually stir the egg  yolk mis in to the flour sugar butter mix.  using your finger gently knead till  a ball forms.  wrap that ball in plastic wrap and toss it in the fridges for at leat 30 min and hour would be better.

on a floured surface use your hand to flatten the dough.  then whip out your roller and roll that sucker in to a 12 in circle.

to transfer the pastry roll it on to your pin then gently roll it in to the  tart pan, Quiche pan, dog bowl,  old coffee can or… what ever you feel like using. It seems in my new town they don’t sell tart pans so I had to get creative… What ever you use make sure it is oven proof and if it isn’t non stick give it a quick spray with pam type stuff for insurance.  AND make sure the sides are not taller than like 1.5 inches maybe 2.

bake at 350 for 15-20 min. Let it cool completely


pastry cream/ custard

1/2 cup of sugar

4 tsp corn starch

2 cups of half and half

4 egg yolks beaten

1 tsp of vanilla extract

In a med saucepan combine the sugar and cornstarch. Gradually add the half and half. goo and stir over med heat until thick and bubbly then cook for another min. gradually stir 1/2 the hot mixture in to the beaten egg yolks.  Return all the egg yolk mix to the pan  and bring to a gentle boil then reduce the heat and cook and stir for 2 min. Remove from the heat, pour into a bowl and add the tsp of vanilla. put the bowl with the cream in it in to a bigger bowl with ice water to cool it down and mix it a few times to speed it along. Let it cool there for 5 min then put plastic wrap right on the cream and put it in the fridge for at least 4 hours till you are ready to serve.


When you are ready to put this bad boy together.  Place you crust on a serving tray or plate. Gently fill with the cream. but don’t over fill remember you still have fruit to put on.

now when it come to putting th slices on I started on the outside and went around.  I tried to get them to stand up or slight recline on each other.  just keep going around till you fill it up. I put a strawberry in the middle but you could go with out or put something else like a raspberry.Chill till eatign time. Enjoy guys.

I wonder really how many folks read my stuff  and how many folks have  me on ignore on facebook?



Whoops ran out of syrup!

So  we ran out of regular maple syrup and we cant get some more till payday.  That means no pancakes right? WRONGO! I made some homemade strawberry syrup with some frozen berries I have stuffed in the back of the freezer. It is Yummy. Maybe i will make chocolate chip pancakes for the syrup to go on. Or banana pancakes. MMMM.

Berry syrup

2 cups fresh or frozen berries. If you are gonna use strawberries and they are big slice em before measuring them.

1/2 cup of water

2 cups of sugar ( yes 2 don’t gawk at me just do it think of all the other crap you eat everyday. )

1-2 tbs of lemon juice.

Put it all in a saucepan.  bring to a boil then turn the heat down and simmer them  for a full 5 min.  Stir occasionally.  Let it cool and put it in glass containers of some kind then to the fridge. I had 2 old syrup jars readily available. Or put it on your pancakes or ice cream yum. Oh yeah I blended mine in the blender so I wouldnt have chunks. I wanted the smooth consistency


Cookie Monster Cake.

So My youngest can say very few words that can be understood in english. Cookie is his favorite and sooo is cookie monster from sesame street.  So for his 2nd birthday ( yes i cannot believe he is already turning 2)  I thought” hey a cookie monster cake can’t be that hard right????  I now have a couple bald spots on my head now.  But here goes.

i started off with a simple boxed cake mix. strawberry is what these boys like. i made one 10 inch round in a dreaded spring form pan.  Let that baby cool completely before frosting.

get thee one tub of classic white frosting and dye that baby blue… for me it took one whole bottle of blue liquid food coloring. But some one told me that food coloring paste works better for frosting… good to know for next time.

get another tub of white for the white of his eyes…

You will also need oreos and since there will be left over you will be obligated to eat you might as well get double stuft.

i made cookies fur by dragging a fork lightly over  the blue frosting. when that is all done i scraped the white stuff out of  a row of cookies

blend those babies up in the blender till they are crumbs. i made a stencil out of wax paper laid it on the cake. If I didn’t  his smile would have been really messy.  I sprinkled it in the stencil.  lifted it off and boom. Instant cookie smile.

Piping the eyes was not as easy as it looks might be easier for you but i suck at piping so yeah

then i just stuck some oreo’s on for the black part of his eyes.   Done.

it was a lot simpler then the race car cake.  I hope I get to make another cake soon. NOT MY OWN though… that always makes me grumpy.



I think my addiction is out of control.

So Husband and I are home relaxing after a long trying day. I am craving something… something chocolatey.. I go look for something.. Nothing in the cookie jar but some granola bars. Good but not what I wanted. I wanted something deeper.. something richer… more sinful… I scour my cabinets looking for anything to quench this aching need…HMPH! Nothing. Feeling defeated I decide to look in my better homes and gardens cook book at pictures of things I might have time to make tomorrow. After all it is 10:30 I cant exactly start a chocolate cake right now… Wait! That is it… I flip to the back of the book where I keep all my recipe print outs from the net and there is a perfectly white piece of paper (meaning I have never used it or it would be oil stained or something) across the top is written “ the most dangerous cake recipe in the world” followed by my moms email address. I think to myself “ she would be the one who would lead to my demise” I read the paper… I can do this…. I can I even have a vanilla ice cream in the fridge.

Husband walks in the kitchen at this point and asks” what are you doing” “an experiment” I say… “ at 10:30 at night ?” At this point I look at him in shock… how dare he question my thinking…if this turns out he will be lucky to get a bite. “ yes now go away “


1 mug

4 tbs regular AP flour

4 tbs sugar

4 tbs baking cocoa

Mix this all together in the mug then add

1 egg

make sure this get good and mixed in there. I might even say scramble it 1st then add it.

Next add

3 tbs of milk

3tbs of oil

2-3 tbs chocolate chips

a splash of vanilla

Mix the all together and pop that bad boy in the microwave for 3 min. Don’t freak out if it puffs up out of the mug it will be fine. When the time beeps.. take the mug out ( I would suggest a oven mitt just in case) and let it cool for like 2 min the pop that bad boy on a plate and mack down on that thing and all its chocolatey glory. MMM

As I type this I am still eating mine. I have big mugs… husband did help but gave up a while ago. Now don’t let me fool you this is not a true chocolate cake but OMG it hits the spot. If you try this please please let me know. I want to know how it turns out for you. Mine was awesome. And totally hit the spot.

Mom once again you come to my rescue from almost a thousand miles away! I love you.


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peach cobbler and roasted garlic…. not together…

So when husband and I 1st got married he would talk about how much he loved peach cobbler and how his mom used to make it for him. blah blah blah. I broke down and hustled the lady for her recipe. here it is.

M.I.L. peach cobbler.

1/2 Cup sugar

1 tsp lemon juice

1 Tbls cornstarch

1/4 tsp cinnamon

4 Cups sliced peaches

1 Cup flour

3 Tbls shortening

1 Tbls sugar

1/2 tsp salt

1 1/2 tsp baking powder

1/2 Cup milk

Heat oven to 400 degrees. Mix 1/2 cup sugar, the cornstarch and cinnamon in 2 qt. sauce pan. Stir in peaches and lemon juice. Cook, stirring constantly, until mixture thickens and boils. Boil and stir 1 minute. Pour into ungreased 2 qt. casserole; keep peach mixture hot in oven.

Cut shortening into flour, 1 tbls sugar, baking powder and salt until mixture resembles fine crumbs. Stir in milk. Drop dough by 6 spoonfuls onto hot peach mixture. Bake until topping is golden brown, 25 to 30 minutes. Serve warm with ice cream!

I made this again tonight. It is so good and so simple and easy.  I use frozen peaches ( defrosted of course) But I have used canned and it turns out just as good.

I also made some devilishly good roasted garlic smashed potatoes.

step one chop  the top of the garlic off. About a quarter of an inch in to the cloves.  wrap the whole thing in foil and bake at 400° for 30 min or until squishy. I do not recommend doing this at the same time your cobbler is cooking. you risk having garlicky peach cobbler. Uhm thats not yummy.

When i t is cool enough to handle squeeze the goodness out of the whole massive garlic then smash into some taters. MMM Oh add butter and milk… and whatever else you like in your taters. Ova heeya we like a little cream cheese. mmmm i think i am hungry again and need to go eat some left overs.


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