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This hams for you

on April 7, 2010

So i made my first easter ham this past sunday. Husband and sons said it was the best ham they had ever had. MMMM. Here is my glaze recipe

1 cup Dr pepper

1 cup dark brown sugar

4 tbs orange juice ( dont use concentrate it makes it taste funny. we like floridas natural)

4 tps of mustard ( i used yellow cause that is what i had but you can use dijon too)

get all your stuff in a pan and heat it in med hi heat till it bubbles. stay near this cause it will burn and that is yucky. when bubble-ige occurs turn you heat down to med low and let it simmer till it get syrupy. let it cool.

when you ham is about 1/2 done cooking brush this some on and recover. I mean like paint it on. but only like 1/3 of it. It will be good.  when the ham is all done right when you take this baby out of your oven pain it again with another third of the glaze and let the ham rest for 30-40 min.  serve the rest of the glaze in a bowl and the table for  drizzling over the ham if you want this was divine.

i have a pic but i have to upload them I will update this as soon as i do I just really wanted to get this all out to you before i forgot. 🙂  next stop lasagna Town…. who’s with meh?



2 responses to “This hams for you

  1. Kim says:

    Sounds so yummy. I love ham so much. It’s about the only meat I like sweet and salty.

  2. sd2cb says:

    I love ham. i still have some in my freezer for special dishes. 😉

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