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I think my addiction is out of control.

on March 18, 2010

So Husband and I are home relaxing after a long trying day. I am craving something… something chocolatey.. I go look for something.. Nothing in the cookie jar but some granola bars. Good but not what I wanted. I wanted something deeper.. something richer… more sinful… I scour my cabinets looking for anything to quench this aching need…HMPH! Nothing. Feeling defeated I decide to look in my better homes and gardens cook book at pictures of things I might have time to make tomorrow. After all it is 10:30 I cant exactly start a chocolate cake right now… Wait! That is it… I flip to the back of the book where I keep all my recipe print outs from the net and there is a perfectly white piece of paper (meaning I have never used it or it would be oil stained or something) across the top is written “ the most dangerous cake recipe in the world” followed by my moms email address. I think to myself “ she would be the one who would lead to my demise” I read the paper… I can do this…. I can I even have a vanilla ice cream in the fridge.

Husband walks in the kitchen at this point and asks” what are you doing” “an experiment” I say… “ at 10:30 at night ?” At this point I look at him in shock… how dare he question my thinking…if this turns out he will be lucky to get a bite. “ yes now go away “


1 mug

4 tbs regular AP flour

4 tbs sugar

4 tbs baking cocoa

Mix this all together in the mug then add

1 egg

make sure this get good and mixed in there. I might even say scramble it 1st then add it.

Next add

3 tbs of milk

3tbs of oil

2-3 tbs chocolate chips

a splash of vanilla

Mix the all together and pop that bad boy in the microwave for 3 min. Don’t freak out if it puffs up out of the mug it will be fine. When the time beeps.. take the mug out ( I would suggest a oven mitt just in case) and let it cool for like 2 min the pop that bad boy on a plate and mack down on that thing and all its chocolatey glory. MMM

As I type this I am still eating mine. I have big mugs… husband did help but gave up a while ago. Now don’t let me fool you this is not a true chocolate cake but OMG it hits the spot. If you try this please please let me know. I want to know how it turns out for you. Mine was awesome. And totally hit the spot.

Mom once again you come to my rescue from almost a thousand miles away! I love you.



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