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2nd ever post. :)

on March 9, 2010

so  I made pizza dough today. I forgot the oil. YIKES oh well good thing i had some english muffins in the freezer. Thank goodness for my impulsive buying.  Oh well everyone loved them. Even the toddler.  Brother in law had 5 YOWZA!  I didnt even get to snap a pic.  basically you split a english muffin, splatter it with sauce add some cheese and topping then bake till bubbly. Ours were canadian bacon and pineapple. YUM. And the kids went coo-coo for them. What is it about things mini sized things that make kids like it? Oh this would also be a stellar sleepover meal let every one make their own.

I said I would redo the bagels today but things got crazy so hopefully i will get them done tomorrow and they will be picture perfect. I did a bit of research today on how to make them better a few recs from friends.  I did eat the ones i made yesterday though. Let me tell you OH EM GEE they were awesome. Even the weird looking jalapeno cheddar ones.  Those were delicious.

How are all these wonderful yummies possible  you ask? have i introduced you to my bread machine? ( he has flour on him cause I was using him when I snapped the pic)

it is the Breadman pro and if I wasn’t married… well lets leave that alone. I will just say i love this machine.  Maybe one day I will embark on doing it all myself kneading and rising and stuff but for now I am lazy and I have a pile of laundry to do always.  I see bread machines at goodwill all the time so you could probably pick one up for less then $20. have I mentioned how much i save on bread for PB&J? not to mention all the junk they put in that bread. Yuck.  I convinced my mom to get one. She found one right before i moved for like 5 bucks at a yard sale. I doubt she is using it now that I fled that state of crazies to the south of me  (aka California).

Well hopefully I will have more delicious things tomorrow.  Unless I think of something else to do tonight.  😉



3 responses to “2nd ever post. :)

  1. Janeen says:

    Your really funny

  2. Gail says:

    Ok so I will use my bread maker again you can talk me thru it on a webcast one of these days.
    Keep up the post I love them

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